Model a House in Maya, For Beginners

Show notes: Model your first scene. Create a house, road, tree, anything you can imagine. Have fun with Maya. Create a new project. Use the scale tool. Shortcut hot keys. the QWERTY keys. Toolbar. Change the display. Camera attribute editor. Near clip plane and far clip plane. Channel box. Why objects disappear from view. Scale tool. R for scale tool. Create a roof. Move tool. Chimney. W for move tool. Make a door. View panels. Perspective view. Find what works best for you. Shape a walkway. What is in the channel box? Changing rotate from channel box. Make a road. Entry level Maya. Model a fence. Window. Frame the object you are working on. Make a fence post. Using basic shapes to make more complex shapes. Sections of a fence. Good for students. Maya walk through tour. Save file. Underscore on naming titles.

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