Intro to the User Interface (Windows, Menus and Tools) in Maya

Show notes:User interface. How to move about. Adjust view panels. Display menu. UI elements. Status line, Shelf, Time slider, Range slider, command line, Help line, tool box, Chanel box and Layer editor. How to turn on and off. Check mark. To bring it back. If you hide part of UI. View panels. Perspective view. Camera. Four View Panel layout. Adjusting the divider bar. All at once. Perspective view button. Information you can display. Display menu. Heads up display. View access, view cube. Width, depth and height. Any point has three coordinates. The origin is the center of the grid. It’s coordinates is 0,0,0. Bellow the grid is negative. Z, X, and Y. Three ways to move camera. Change views. Click on the cube. To get back where you first were. Rotate camera. To pan use mouse. Need mouse with middle wheel or middle button. Scrolling. Hide all, Show all. Poly count. Scenes. Practice makes better!

Making Your First Object in Maya

Show notes:All about polygons. Create your first object. Get up to speed in Maya. How to rotate, scale and move objects. Polygon primitives. Interactive creation. Cube. Wire frame changed to smooth shade. Smooth shade all. Turn on Chanel box. How to. Starting with Maya. Maya automatically names objects. Translate, rotate, scale, X, Y, and Z. Tool box. Arrow tool. Red, Blue and Green arrow. Mouse over the arrow. See how the values change. Left click on arrow. Freely. How to change presets of objects. Units. Create and apply. Why it did not create the object. Determine the shape of the cube. Have fun. Start from scratch.

Group, Duplicate and Undo in Maya

Show notes:Duplicate, group, and undo. Options box. Default values. Smooth shade all. Reset settings. Shaded mode. Deselect. How to see edges. Wire frame on shades. How to duplicate. After you duplicate. Shortcuts. Select more that one item. Add to selection. Grouping. How to group. Why. Drag to select. Guided tour. Get to know Maya. Options. Get familiar with Maya. Modify menu. Center pivot function. Select group. Type values in Chanel Box. Create group. Up to 50 actions. Command Line. Where is it.